Threats and Risks of Using Private Messengers in Business

Every company, no matter whether it employs 10 or 1,000 people, faces the question, “Which corporate messenger to use?” Ideally, it should combine all internal and external communications into one space. Today the corporate messenger market offers dozens of options with different functionality, integration with other services, and pricing policies. However, the so-called “private” corporate messengers can sometimes pose serious threats to your business. Below, we will talk about such problems in detail.


Why Do Companies Use Corporate Messengers?

The corporate messenger solves the issue of employee communication within the company and sometimes also maintains contact with customers, contractors, and partners. It can be a program or an application that allows you to instantly exchange messages. The prototype of modern messengers for business can be called G0Chat, MyChat, Vypress Chat, or Jabber. Most of them are no longer used.

There can be two options for installation of the corporate messenger: it can be installed either on your corporate server or not. If you just want to communicate, without the exchange of confidential data, then regular messenger is suitable. In another case, it is better to select software that stores correspondence either on your server or on a third-party-protected one.


Risks and Threats

It is important for the company that internal and incoming information is protected. If your company has a high turnover of staff, or employees often lose their smartphones, then the messenger’s ability to log out, delete all correspondence, delete history and files remotely will come in handy. Meanwhile, a few closed corporate messengers can do it without the involvement of the user. 

Quality and quantity of audio/video connections are also important. Pay attention to how many services simultaneously support audio and video connections, whether it is possible to hold online conferences, and check the quality of the HD picture. The comfort of working in your team depends on these indicators. Because the quality of communication in the messenger directly affects the quality of tasks. Meanwhile, if the functionality of the app is poor, it will lead to the usage of alternative messengers, and your money invested in the tool will be wasted. 


In Conclusion

Corporate messengers are in demand, and their market is so vast that you will find a convenient service for yourself that matches the specifics of your business. But the best part is that many of them are completely free or require minimal costs. Nobody cancels a corporate messenger on the company’s server, of course, if you have your servers and a staff of IT specialists. By the way, which messenger for teamwork do you choose?